Our passion at Harvest Bible Chapel Nashville is to make disciples because that is what will bring God GLORY! Each ministry focuses in on Worshipping Christ, Walking with Christ and Working For Christ. 

Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry is a ministry dedicated for the fellowship of men. We truly believe that iron sharpens iron. We would love for you to visit our ministry and see what it is all about.

Women's Ministry

Singles ministry is a chance for a group of single adults to come together and have a chance to join in fellowship with one another. We often host events, engage in conversation, and dive into the word.

Harvest Youth

The mentor program provides one on one mentorship. Whether young, old, male, or female, having a mentor can be life changing for both parties. Come and get involved!

Children's Ministry

Kids are welcome to join in! We have a ton of fun stuff going on here. We get to learn about the life of Jesus and the Bible while often digging into some games and arts and crafts.

Bible Study

Our weekly bible study provides individuals the chance to study through God's word one book or series at a time. We break it down, engage in dialogue, and understand Scripture together.